Cavex club expedition into the Krubera/Voronya-cave

Oficial anouncement by Denis Provalov, Cavex (club), the 5th january 2007; http://www.cavex.ru from Russian language translated by Gabo Lesinsky, Slovak speleological society, http://www.sss.sk

Today (the 6th january 2007) a helicopter of Abkhazia air forces transported the first group of Cavex club expedition participants to the base camp of the Krubera/Voronya-cave. Don´t be worry, this time everything´s OK. The machine with pilots did not land, but cavers quickly threw bags upon a pure snow . They jumped out and now they are busy building a base camp.
Works planned to be performed in the cave:

- to elongate ambit in the area of Crimea-meander
- to explore the end siphon at the bottom of the cave (Two captains)
- equipp a base branch/arm of the cave with a fixed rings(?) of RAUMER
- build a permanent tent in the -1400 m Sandy Beach camp
- and maybe - undertaking a risk - to start taking a rockfall to pieces in the Game-over ambit

Considering assigned tasks, there is enough time and energy as well. The collective is diligent, majority had been in the cave before, so if there are favourable conditions and we are lucky a bit, we can hope in something. The expedition has two phases and two groups involved. Today being in the first one, 17 people flew on the mountain. A next group is planned to be airdropped in the middle of january. As a whole, 26 speleologists participate the expedition from Moscow, Kiyev, Chelyabinsk, Rostov upon Don, Vladivostok, Czech republic, Slovak republic, Italia and Great Britain (maybe, in the end, our friend from Yorkshire will be able to win over those bureaucrates from embassy getting visa).
The leader of the expedition Denis Provalov did not stand endless pressure, complicated bargainings with sponsors and a ski-haste in the new year and has caught a flu. The leading role of the first group, as always in hard times, was caught hold on his shoulders by brave and also brisk Konstantin Moujin.
Participants of the expedition thanks a lot to those from Ural, Moscow, Leningrad and Kiyev. who helped us in preparing great amount of products and material, especially to Oleg Lushchevskoy from Kiyev and also Andrey Zakrepe from Krasnoyarsk, who provided for subterranean phones for the expedition, and also to Vasili Maschkov and Abkhasian speleologist Fatik Smir.

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Profundezas... Blog wishes them: Very Good Luck! Deeper and Deeper!

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