- 2170 m

"That´s it! Expedition Krubera 2007 was succeeded in overcoming the world depth record in -2170 m!
Two divers Klimchouk and Bazilevskiy moved in the end siphon S5 80 m forward and 30 m to the depth. After ten days long stay under surface, the triplet of cavers Stos (CZ), Medzihradsky (SK) and Dvorak (CZ) managed to overcome the czech and slovak depth record limit in -2060 m in parties called "Game over". Each of them is allright at thesurface. There are extreme winter conditions up here: -25ºC, 2 m of new snow...
Reported by Oldrich Stos, translated by Gabo Lesinsky, Slovak speleological society, http://www.sss.sk/ .

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