Results of the 5th Cave Photography Contest

Results of the 5th Cave Photography Contest in Commemoration of Waldemar Burkacki

31 authors from 10 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey) submitted their photos to take part in the 5th Cave Photography Contest in Commemoration of Waldemar Burkacki – all together – 154 photos.

The photos were evaluated by a Jury panel consisting of professionals working with photography on everyday basis and of fellow cavers:

Mirosław Burkacki - Waldemar´s brother, Speleoklub Warszawski
Marcin Jamkowski – National Geographic Poland magazine, chief editor
Michał Gradziński - Caving Section of KW Kraków (Cracow Mountaineering Club)
Wojtek Szabelski - photographer, the owner of the photo agency freepress.pl
Jacek Szczurek - photographer, climber
Ireneusz Graff – president of the Polish Wildlife Photographers Society

The Jury awarded two main prizes and four special prizes:

I place and a prize of PLN 1 500 pln in value for:
Krzysztof Recielski, Warsaw, Poland
picture: "On the water" from Kasprowa Niżnia Cave, Tatra Mountains, Poland
camera: Canon A 95
justification: /.../ simplicity and of the subterranean world /.../for the atmosphere /.../”

II place and a prize of PLN 1000 in value for:
Simon Primozic, Skofja Loka, Slovenia
picture: "Ray of light" from Castelec Cave, Slovenia
camera: Canon EOS 350D
justification:/.../ for the special effects /.../for the showing us the underworld in the quite unexpected colours /.../

four special prizes:

Francesco Maurano, Summonte, Italy
picture: "Explore", Grava d' Inverno-Monti Alburni, Italy
camera: Canon EOS 300D
justification: "/.../ for the demonic climate of the underworld/.../"

Andreas Schober, Grossbettlningen, Germany
picture: "Source de Rantely" , France
camera: Canon 5D
justification: "/.../ for the simple way of showing caves /.../"

Ewa Zientarska, Katowice, Poland
picture: " What am I doing here ...?", Durmitor, Cave X2, Montenegro
camera: Canon PowerShot A 510
justification: "/.../ for heroism and sacrifice of the photographer and cavers during surveying tight spots /.../ for real exploration action /.../"

Krzysztof Recielski, Warsaw, Poland
picture: "Wodna pod Pisaną", Wodna pod Pisaną Cave, Tatra Mountains, Poland
camera: Canon A95
justification: "/.../ for the funny atmosphere of exploration/.../"

two mentions:
anaglyph or stereo photography - 3-dimensional - to see with red-cyan glasses

Guglielmo Esposito, Pordenone, Italy
picture: "Ancient Paths", Grotta Nuova di Villanova, Udine, Italy
camera: 2 Olympus OM1 cameras
jury opinion: " /.../ an example of creative photography /.../ for innovation and tridimentional view at the cave space /.../

Michał Banaś, Kraków, Poland
picture: "It’s Cold!", Krakowska Cave, Ojcowski National Park, Poland
camera: Fuji SW 690
jury opinion: "/.../ unexpected interpretation of the contest subject/.../

Soon we’ll show your cave pictures at the first contest exhibition.
Tommorow November the 10th, we also will publish the list of authors and photos choosen by the Jury and invited to be presented at the exhibition.
Latest contest and exhibition news will be avaliable online at the site:

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