Alpine Karst Foundation

The Alpine Karst Foundation is dedicated to the exploration of scientific research in, and education about, alpine karst areas.

Central to these goals are:
1) Expedition caving and study in wilderness and other remote regions.
2) The interdependency of exploration and science.

The Alpine Karst Foundation thus provides a major resource for the evaluation of environmental impacts to alpine karst from recreation and industry activity.

The purposes for which the Foundation is formed are to:
1. explore and study for the enrichment of human knowledge and the advancement of science the extensive alpine karst areas of the world, and in particular to map and study the geology and biology of the cave systems of the mountain regions of North America and World.
2. encourage and assist in the preservation of alpine karst, caves and related geomorphologic phenomena, and to promote the conservation of such alpine karst for study, research, and recreation.
3. collect and aid in the dissemination of technical data, information, history, and educational material concerning alpine karst and caves and their physical, biological, ecological, and anthropological environment.
4. obtain diversified donations and grants to enable the Foundation to carry out the above purposes.

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