The 4th longest underwater cave in Australia discovered

Cave Divers Alan Polini and Paul Hosie have just returned from a one week expedition to the Nullarbor Plain exploring and surveying the magnificent Burnabbie Cave. It is not unusual that the cave was extended by 500m and now has over 2,750m (9,000ft) of surveyed passages with a number of leadscontinuing. This makes it the fourth longest underwater cave in Australia so far discovered. What did make this effort unusual was the use of off mounted closed circuit rebreathers to make the 950m (3,000ft) penetration through tenrestrictions to the point where exploration of the cave was progressed using traditional side-mounted open circuit scuba equipment. Most dives conducted were between 3 and 4 hours duration. Details of the dives, equipment used and an updated map of the cave will be presented at the upcoming Australian Speleological Federation Conference at Mount Gambier in January 2007.

Source: Paul Hosie via OZCavers mailing list, via Zenas.gr

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