Kanin, Slovenia : New record in Renejevo brezno

At 14th October 2006 the 3-person team from Speleo Club of Ljubljana (Dru?tvo za raziskovanje jam Ljubljana, DZRJL, Slovenia,) explored new part in Renejevo brezno on Kanin and reached the depth ?1215m and stopped by shortage of time and equipment. The active water collector, that was found last year, is near 1km long and goes on. This part of Renejevo brezno was explored in 4 weekend-action, by small teams with strong sport accent : vertical passages in total come over 1000 meters. You could see the plan of vertical part of Renejevo brezno on http://dzrjl.speleo.net/rene/rene-nacrt.jpeg .
Renejevo brezno is the second cave over 1000 m depth, explored by DZRJL. The first was Vandima, on Rombon`s part of Kanin, -1182m . DZRJL also explored Brezno pod velbom (-910m), which entrance vertical 501 m, is the 3th great vertical in the world. Renejevo brezno is doubtless the new great achievement of DZRJL.
by: J. Pirnat, informer of Kanin`s Caving Explorations, DZRJ Ljubljana, Slovenia, in Zenas.gr

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