International Conference On Granite Caves

“Granite caves and related speleogenesis”
A Coruña – Santiago – Vigo (Galicia, Spain), 18-21th September 2007

Commission for Pseudokarst at the International Union of Speleology
University Institute of Geology of the University of Coruña (Spain)
Speleological Association “Clube Espeleolóxico Maúxo”.

The International Conference on Granite Caves will be held from September 19 to 21, 2007, at the University Institute of Geology of the University of Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

The theme will be “Granite caves and related speleogenesis”:

• Granite caves

o Technical speleology on granite caves
o Genesis and classification of granite caves.
o Mapping on granite caves
o Biospeleology on granite caves
o Archaeology: Men and caves.

• Speleothemes

o Opal speleothemes
o Pigotite and organic speleothemes.
o Allophane speleothemes

• Caves in related lithologies or :

o Caves in sandstone
o Caves in quartzite
o Caves in quartz
o Marine erosion caves
o Volcanic tubes
o Caves in other planets (Mars, ..)

Pre- and post-field trips and other activities will be held in areas of speleological and archaeological interest in several parts of Galicia, including the surroundings of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and Baiona.

Preliminary registration form should be returned by e-mail or normal post to the Organising Committee before: 31.12.2006
E-mail address: xeoloxia@udc.es
Post address:
Secretariat – ICOGC Registration.
University Institute of Geology “Isidro Parga Pondal” of the University of Coruña.
Edificios de Servicios Centrales de Investigación
Campus de Elviña
15071 – A Coruña (SPAIN)

More information: 1st circular

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