Cavers hope to introduce management techniques to South African cave systems

"Words such as "awesome, fantastic, excellent and beyond our wildest dreams" come spilling out from three South African cavers as they prepared to descend into Parker Ranch Cave, located south of White's City.
The Parker Ranch Cave was the fourth cave the three men had visited since they arrived in New Mexico on Oct. 2, and they had several more to visit before heading back home Oct. 18.
Neil Norquoy, owner of Wild Cave Adventures in Krugersdorp, located near Johannesburg, South Africa; Stephen Greeff, a friend of Norquoy's and fellow caver; and Fredrick Van Der Merwe; a cave guide who works for Norquoy; said the trip to New Mexico is a fact-finding mission to learn about cave management from the federal agencies that manage public lands and the cave systems beneath the lands they manage.
They said the caves they have explored in New Mexico have been a great source of enjoyment.
"There is no comparison to the caves in New Mexico. They are spectacular," Norquoy said.
The trip to New Mexico to do some caving and learn about cave management came about in 2005 after a segment of the CBS reality series, "The Amazing Race," was filmed in the cave known as "Bat Cave" (...)"

From: Currentargus.com

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