40 years of Speleological Science

IJS CD-Rom: 40 years of Speleological Science
With the distribution of Volume 33 in 2004, a 40-year long cycle has come to an end.
The 40 year anniversary of the IJS raised the idea of making a memorial CD to be distributed during the 14th International Congress of Speleology in Athens (Greece) during 2005. In fact, it is difficult to find the entire IJS collection even in well known libraries, and this CD provides the opportunity - thanks to modern technology - for anyone to consult 40 years of Scientific Speleology.
This multimedia CD contains a database of all IJS volumes from number 1 (1/2) 1964 to number 33 (1/4) 2004 and the handbook MANUAL FOR KARST WATER ANALYSIS.

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