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Acta Carsologica (Slovenia)
Cave & Karst Science
Cave Science and Transactions of the BCRA (UK)
Die Höhle (Austria)
Journal of Cave and Karst Studies and NSS Bulletin (USA)
Journal of the BSA and Proceedings of the BSA (UK)
International Journal of Speleology (UIS, Italy) – to be added soon
Karstologia (France)
Kras i speleologia (Poland)
Speleogenesis and Evolution of Karst Aquifers (UIS, Ukraine)

In: http://www.speleogenesis.info/journals/index.php

The database was compiled, formatted and presented on this site by A.Klimchouk, A.Koptchincky, N.Yablokova, Ph.Audra, F.Gabrovsek, L.Plan, Jo De Waele, M.Field, D.Lowe (UIS KHS Commission and ICKRIN) using data provided by the journals and derived from http://www.bcra.org.uk/ (BCRA) and http://www.caves.org/ (NSS)

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