Ancient skeleton, art found in French cave

A 27,000-year-old human skeleton laid out in a room decorated with ancient art and a crude representation of a face are among the rare finds in a cave in western France, officials said Friday.
Image from cave is one of the oldest depictions of a human face, scientists say. Cave contained a 27,000-year-old human skeleton. The state took over ownership of the cave in the Vilhonneur forest on May 12, the French Culture Ministry said in a statement. It was only the second time that a human body is known to have been placed in a decorated cave from the Upper Paleolithic Period, the ministry said. A single face drawn in the cave could be among the world's oldest known graphic representations of a human face, said Jean-Yves Baratin, archaeology curator for the Poitou-Charentes region. (...)
Full text: Deseretnews.com

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