Ambitious project to map Island’s underwater caves

A project to map out the underworld cave systems of Bermuda is due to start within the next 12 months and it is likely cave divers will explore regions of the Island never before seen.
It is already known that 22 of the 80 cave-adapted animal species so far discovered beneath Bermuda’s surface are critically endangered. Some are so rare they exist only in a single cave “room”.
Finding more of these highly adapted critters is a distinct possibility when the caves are explored by a team who will create a documentary film of their investigations.
And Bermudian schoolchildren will be invited to play their part assisting with the mapping of the cave system using magnetic technology that will allow them to follow the progress of divers from above ground by picking up the signals emitted by the cave explorers.
In previous use of the technology, the ground-based monitors have found themselves walking across golf courses, through bowling alleys and even into people’s homes as they track the cave divers moving around directly below. (...)
Full Article & Photo: Theroyalgazette.com

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