BULLETIN n.12, May 26, 2006
Exploration Spotlight
The new addition to the Exploration Spotlight section on the Speleogenesis site is a recent exploration by Czech and Iranian cavers of the world’s longest cave in salt - 3N Cave (6,580 m) near Namakdan, Zagros, Iran. This brief account comes with some beautiful photos, cave and location maps: http://www.speleogenesis.info/spotlights/3n_cave.php
BULLETIN n.11, May 25, 2006

World Karst/Cave science journals on Speleogenesis

Two new journals have been added to our recently started collaborative service, - presentation of current issues of principal karst and cave journals (contents and abstracts):
- Helictite (Journal of Australasian Speleological Research)
- Kras I speleologia (Polish journal with wide international circle of

This is a nice addition to the previously established pool of journals represented on Speleogenesis:
- Acta Carsologica (Slovenia)
- Cave & Karst Science (United Kingdom)
- Journal of Cave and Karst Studies (USA) - a new issue!
- Die Hohle (Austria)
- International Journal of Speleology (Italy-UIS)
- Karstologia (France)

The whole “World Karst/Cave Science Journals” section on Speleogenesis has been re-designed and integrated into a dynamic database system, which now provides a convenient access to specific journal pages and titles/abstracts of current and recent issues. The new system also allows us to add information about new issues more quickly, and to manage it more efficiently for further developments on the site.

Just click on a Journals banner on the main Speleogenesis page to get into this section.


Still in preparation: a combined searchable database of all publications which appeared in the major karst/cave science journals since their creation. We hope to complete this work soon and have this engine posted in June.

NEXT ISSUE IN PREPARATION – Volume 4, Issue 1, 2006

The Speleogenesis team is working on the next issue.

As always, the Journal relies on good papers. We encourage you to submit your contributions for publication. The Speleogenesis Journal is a good place to make your work distributed really wide to the karst/cave science community.
Every info in: www.speleogenesis.info

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