Vienna City Hall, Austria

from October 9th to 11th 2006

"In many European countries karstic areas are important and acutely essential for public water supply. These areas are at the same time highly sensitive and valuable natural environments. Conversely, exploitation pressure on these areas is increasing. This mainly relates to such fields as tourism, settlements, transport infrastructure, forestry and pasture management. Due to the fact that competing land-use activities cause heterogeneously distributed consequences, unplanned disparities can appear.
Competing land-use activities pose challenges for water resource management. This task must be based on a sound knowledge of the environment and of land-use interaction processes. Geographical Information Systems and environmental models provide the technological basis for the development and use of Decision Support Systems for efficient and transparent water resource management.
These activities have to be implemented strictly within the conditions of the European Water Framework Directive and shall provide input for the practice of water management, a discussion basis for experts and the basis for information and participation of the broad public."

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