Patagonian cave paintings stun scientists

Chilean and French scientists announced they have discovered for the first time elaborate pre-Columbian cave paintings by indigenous Alacaluf people on an isolated island in Patagonia.
More than 40 stunning paintings were located inside the so-called Pacific Cave on Madre de Dios island, in Chile's far south, expedition head Bernard Tourte of France said.
The Alacaluf, a nomadic and seafaring people indigenous to the area, were not previously known to have produced such art.
"For years, people have insisted that this group did not engage in artistic expression, so now we are seeing that they were more advanced than had been believed," anthropologist Marcelo Aguilera said.
The paintings, in mostly black and ochre colours, have a range of subject matter and varied techniques, according to Mr Aguilera.
The two-month expedition, sponsored by the French and Chilean governments, cost $800,000.

Article from: Abc.net.au

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