Four Ukrainian speleologists likely killed in Abkhazia

Four speleologists from Ukraine are thought to have perished as the roof of a cave they were exploring in Abkhazia's Gudauta district collapsed, Abkhaz President Sergei Bagapsh told Interfax on Saturday.
Bagapsh said one body has already been dug out from under the ground, and three other cavers are so far considered missing, he said.
"A total of 13 Ukrainian speleologists had descended into the cave, and nine of them managed to get out," Bagapsh said.
The Abkhaz government told Interfax earlier on Saturday that five speleologists were killed.
It said the Ukrainians had arrived in Abkhazia, but "they had not received registration and had not notified us about their route."
Article from: Interfax.ru
According the Russian REGNUM webpage
* found the body of Danil nasedkin of 1983 g.r.,
* is not still discovered: Gerasimenko by Maxim (1984 g.r., Sevastopol), Igor bednikov (1985 g.r., Samara) and Dmitriy Chernenko (1986 g.r., g. Novaya Kakhovka).
The rescue operations are temporarily ended because of the poor weather conditions, the danger of gathering new avalanche and absence of the corresponding technology. For the purpose of rendering aid in the rescue- search works the government of Abkhaziya was connected with Sochi MCHS (EMERGENCY AND DISASTER RELIEF MINISTRY).
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