Black Hills Cavers Set New Record in Jewel Cave

By Frank Carroll & Gary C. Chancey, Black Hills National Forest
Jewel Cave just got longer. Explorers recently pushed the known length of the cave to 135 miles and ten feet after four-days spent underground.
A National Park Service cave specialist from New Mexico joined three local Black Hills cavers at Jewel Cave National Monument in southwestern South Dakota in this most recent push to define the limits of this largely unexplored cave. (...)
Planning to explore caves is detailed and comprehensive. If a caver forgets flashlight batteries or other necessities, they’re out of luck. Cavers pack light, taking only critical equipment like head lamps and food, protein bars and special equipment. Though the cave is a constant 49 degrees F, cavers wear T-shirts and light clothing to increase mobility and fight the high humidity and heat of exertion. (...)
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