Biggest salt cave (Iran)

The members of Czech-Iranian expedition connected this night the "Big ponor cave" with "Cave of three nudes" on island Queshm in Hormus. The name is "Cave of three nudes" because the first explorers were naked there first time because of large and deep salty lake in entrance. The overall lenght is more than 6000 m. It is longer than former longest salty cave - Malham in Israel - 5685 m.The coordinates of entrance : 26 deg 37 min 04,42 sec N 55 deg 31 min 00,19 sec E - try Google Earth - the dark area is salt block Namakdan in which the cave is developed.
Link to map and pictures (only in Czech) but you may find more links if you look for "Cave Namakdan, Namak" in Google (there are several articles in English too):

(by: Martin Sluka from: cavediggers@yahoogroups.com)

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