Riverbluff Cave Opens To Scientists, Public and Forecasts Future

One of the nation`s oldest caverns opens to the public Friday. The Springfield-Greene County Park Board will hold a dedication ceremony to unveil the new field house at the Riverbluff Cave.
The field house at Riverbluff Cave allows researchers to showcase their digs. It also has a laboratory area, office space, and classroom. It serves as an education center for people wanting to learn more about the Riverbluff Cave project. It also features online live-streaming of the 830-thousand-year-old cave."It`s a 23-hundred year old cave, and it`s packed with at least 20-feet of sediment," says Springfield-Greene County Naturalist Matt Forir. "It`s full of fossils, it`s full of trackings, it`s full of everything imaginable."Researchers have unearthed mammoth ribs, turtle shells, and horse bones since the caves accidental discovery September 11, 2001. Crews found the cave while blasting during road construction. Now the cave proves a treasure-trove for naturalists like Forir, who says perfectly-preserved insects from the Ice Age give researchers insight into Greene County`s past and future. (...)

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