Mysterious Hawaiian Tiki Stir Debate

"More than 20 rare, carved wooden figures dating to the early 19th century recently were discovered in a cave at North Kona, Hawaii, according to several newspaper reports from the Big Island.
The objects are believed to be tiki, which native Hawaiians refer to as "ki'i," or carved images of gods thought to house spirits.
Construction crew workers accidentally breached the lava tube cave while preparing for a 450-acre residential and golf development at Kohanaiki. News reports said state officials were brought in to further investigate the cave, which now is sealed and under 24-hour security watch.
Lava tube caves are caves that form from fluid lava that has hardened. Similar to limestone caves, some lava tube caves in Hawaii go 50 feet into the ground.
The California firm of Kennedy-Wilson International owns the property, which is being developed by Rutter Development Corporation. (...)"

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