Japanese soldier skeletons found

"THOUSANDS of skeletons of Japanese soldiers killed during World War II have been found on an island in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua.State-run news agency Antara said the remains were found by Japanese researchers, along with Indonesian security forces and local residents.
Antara said the skeletons were found recently inside a cave on Wakde Island on the eastern part of the province.
Chief Sergeant Hans Kadiwaru, a local soldier involved in the research, said the researchers began the work in September.
Along with the skeletons, the researchers discovered weapons, military helmets, telescopes and other equipment.
"Most of the skeletons belonged to Japanese soldiers and some to local villagers, who are believed to (have) hid from Allied forces' attacks," Kadiwaru said.
The skeletons were flown to Japan, he said.
The researchers also found an airport, believed to be built by the Japanese soldiers, on the island.
The airport was covered with trees and wild plants when it was found."
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