Trapped Bulgarian Speleologists Started Ascend

Teodor Kisimov and Konstantin Stoilov who set a new record by descending further than any Bulgarian has ever been have started climbing out of the world's deepest cave Krubera.

The two have passed one of the flooded galleries at 1,400 meters below the surface and are going for the 1,200-meter-deep base camp. Svetlomir Stanchev, who has already spent two days in the base camp said that the melting snow did not obstruct the movement of the two.

Earlier on Thursday it was reported that the Bulgarian speleologists who have been trapped in Krubera in Georgia are expected to climb out by October 26.

The joint Bulgarian-Ukrainian expedition was expected to last until October 28, but will most likely be ended earlier due to the bad weather in the region, the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology announced on its website.

Teodor Kisimov, Konstantin Stoilov and Svetlomir Stanchev reached a depth of 2,080 meters earlier, going in deeper than any Bulgarian has ever been.

Continuing torrential rains had flooded some tunnels, leaving the Bulgarians trapped in their bases inside the cave.

News from: Sofia News Agency

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