Situation in Krubera

"More than 4 days was raining in Kaukazus Mt. as a result of a ciclon, located above the Black Sea. Due to the rain, the level of the underground waters in the karst systems raised dramatically.
This happened also in the deepest cave of the world - Kruber cave (depth: - 2160 m), where takes place joint Ukrainian-Russian-Bulgarian speleological expedition, led by Yuri Kasian from Ukrainina Speleological Association.
At the moment 2 groups of cavers are blocked in the underground camps at depth - 1200 and -1790 m.
The explorers are feeling OK, they have enough food, light and fuel to stay for 12 days in the camps. The weather forecast shows, that the rain will stop within 2-3 days.
The cavers will wait the stopping of the rain and the flow of the water from the flooded passages. Then, depending on the situation, they plan either to continue down to the bottom of the cave, or to leave back to the surface.
The last information received from the expedition is from Today 19 October. There is snowing in the last two days so the situation in the cave is normalised. It gives the possibility for Teodor Kisimov and Konstantin Stoilov two of Bulgarian cavers members of the international team to made succesfill attack the dry bottom of the cave at - 2080 m. The hydronivelation of the cave reached the depth - 1400 m and one Russian-Bulgarian group descent to the cave at - 580 m and to survey the passge named "Lamrehtsofen".
The expecting date of the end of the expedition is 26 October, 2005."
Text from Alexeyzhalov, in: Speleomania
Record for Bulgaria
"Bulgarian speleologists have climbed down to the bottom of the world's deepest cave. The three reached a depth of 2,080 meters in the Krubera Cave, Georgia.
Teodor Kisimov, Konstantin Stoilov and Svetlomir Stanchev have scored a record for Bulgaria.
They failed to reach even deeper to 2,160 meters because those lower cavities were filled with rainwater." Article from: www.novinite.com

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