Officials find lab in a cave

"An unusual discovery last week in a cave at Peak’s Corner, near the Fyffe area, still has Drug Task Force agents looking for answers.
Task Force Commander Darrell Collins said he received a complaint Thursday about an active meth lab inside the cave. “We have worked several calls since Oct. 1 about abandoned meth labs, but I think this is the first one we have ever worked where it was found inside a cave,” Collins said. “There was a time when we found several marijuana plants growing inside caves in the county, but this is the first active meth lab I can remember.”
An unidentified man, searching the area for arrowheads, apparently found the lab Thursday afternoon, Collins said. The size of the lab was more than agents could handle in one trip. Agents had to make several trips with two four-wheelers to get all the materials out of the cave. “We don’t have any leads at this point,” Collins said. “But there is still an open investigation into who might have left this lab there.” Authorities have no idea how long the lab was inside the cave. "
Full article: Times Journal

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