New depth of Krubera Cave

The cavers from CAVEX brake the record

The new depth is -2 160 m

" The expedition of CAVEX "Window’ 2005" endedThe preliminary results reported by Georgyi Sapozhnikov from EkaterininburgThe cave divers Oleg Klimchuk and Juryi Bazilevski worked behind the Cvetochka sump in the depth - 1986 m, which was dived from Koliya Solovem (Ukrainian Speleological Association) during this winter. After that 2 new sumps ( named Podnir and Unitaz) were dived. The depth difference between Cvetochka sump and the last riched point ( according the preliminary calculations) is 174 m so the new depth of Krubera cave is - 2160 m. The cavers made some climbing in the Wet pit in the Krim meander and in the bottom of the cave up to the pit "The game is over". The second one is very perspective and may give new passages and new depth! "
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