Inside Earth

A Newsletter of the Cave & Karst Programs of the National Park Service
Volume 8 Number 1 - pdf - Click here
This Issue Edited by Rodney D. Horrocks, Wind Cave National Park

Table of Contents:
Featured Articles:
Integrating Cave and Karst Inventory Methods with GIS, Wind Cave National Park, Walz & Spoelman 2
Coyote Cave Hits a Mile, Marc Ohms 5
Park Updates (Listed alphabetically):
Carlsbad Caverns National Park; Dale Pate 6
Grand Canyon Parashant, Kyle Voles 7
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Jadelyn Moniz Nakamura 7
Jewel Cave National Monument; Mike Wiles, Rene Ohms, & Peggy Renwick 8
Wind Cave National Park; Rod Horrocks & Marc Ohms 9

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