Second Turkish-bulgarian Expedition

The Second Turkish-Bulgarian Expedition it Taurus Mt.,Tashelli plateau ,Turkey
(Brief Information)

From 19 July to 4 Augist 2005, was held the second Turkish-Bulgarian speleological expedition in Taurus Mt. organised by speleo club BUMAK - Istanbul. This expedition was a logical continuation of the mutual work of the Bulgarian and Turkish cavers for the exploration of the deepest abyss in Turkey and Asia (EGMA - 1429 m) in the past 2004. The Bulgarian team consisted of 5 cavers from diferent clubs under the flag of Bulgarian Federation of Speleology and were led by Teodor Kisimov. The Turkish cavers were 11 all from BUMAK and leaded by Senjer Dzholtu.
The two teams gathered in Istanbul on 19 July, where they bought the necessary food and prepared the expedition gear.
Then the united team traveled by bus to the town of Gazi Pasa – an administrative centre of the province with the same name. On 20 July the expedition settled its base camp in the south-west part of the plateau Tashelli and the same nigh the cavers went into the cave Sadjak. The expedition worked here 9 days and managed to make a surface exploration on a vast part of the karst plateau by a car and by foot. There were checked over 20 objects and were explored and mapped 11 caves with totall length more than 4 km., as follows:

Cave Sadjak – explored 2125 m, depth - 179 m. The cave has huge entrance in a shape of rock triangle with height 30 m at the end of a valley, several kilometers long. Inside there are horizontal and inclined passages with many lakes and one vertical part of about 50 m height.

Cave Kosurelik ( Majar) - explored 519 m, depth - 215 m. In the entrance of the abyss flows a 4 m wide river. The catchn ent is big and here is expected to be discovered a big cave. There are three verticals and between the second two is situated a meander. Few more verticals follow. The cave is discovered before the last day of the expedition and is situated too far from the base camp. Because of the time pressure, enough ropes, etc., the explorers couldn’t reach the end of the abyss and stop the research ahead of a vertical with presumed depth 25-30 m.

Cave Jaradzik - explored 330 m, denivelation - 40 m.

Cave Tozliuurt – explored 162 m, depth - 59 m;

Cave Sukurudlu 1 – here are explored the newly discovered bottom parts – length 293 m, denivelation - 67 m. The presumed general denivelation reaches about - 300 m;
Cave Sukurudlu 2 - explored about 30 m, denivelation - 20 m;
Cave Sukurudlu 3 - explored 339 m, depth -170 m;

Cave Kara delik – length 93 m, depth +7 m;
Cave Ekinchal – explored length about 300 m; in the cave can be entered by passing a half-sump in the beginning of the entrance gallery. After that follows low water-walking passage 30 m long.
Cave Snega - explored 65 m galleries, depth -25 m;
The Goat’s cave - length 41 m;

The report of the fully explored caves from the cavers of BUMAK is in process of compiling.
The caves Sadjak, Madjar, Sukurudlu 2, Sukurudlu 3, Tozlyuurt, Jaradzik, Kara delik, Goat’s cave, Snega are explored on terrain with the help of software OnStantion. The GPS-coordinates of all explored objects are taken and the caves are situated on a topographic map 1:25000.
When returning to Istanbul, members of the expedition meet the leaders of the Ukrainian expedition "Aladagar-2005" A. Klimchuk and Y. Kasian. On this meeting was exchanged information about the results of the two expeditions and also were discussed matters, related to the forthcoming Ukrainian-Bulgarian expedition in the deepest abyss of the world Kruber.
The next 2006, the Turkish and Bulgarian cavers intend to continue their joint explorations in Taurus.

Alexey Zhalov
From: www.speleomania.com

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