Ancient painting discovered inside Gorham’s Cave

"Archaeologists working deep inside Gorham’s Cave have (Gibraltar) discovered a rare prehistoric painting, that could be up to 13,000 years old, of a deer. To the untrained eye it looks like a series of random scrawls on the cave wall. But with the help of the experts, the outline of an animal crowned with a distinctive set of antlers quickly becomes clearly discernible.
The discovery of the painting follows the previous find of cave art in St Michael’s Cave and highlights the wealth of archaeological remains in Gibraltar.
Alongside the painting, the archaeologists working in Gorham’s Cave have also made important Neanderthal finds during the past two weeks. "What we have now in Gibraltar are eight caves where we know there has been Neanderthal occupation. We also have a number of caves with occupation by modern people, of which at least two have cave art, which is of great heritage value in global terms," said Professor Clive Finlayson, director of the Gibraltar Museum and co-director of the excavation at Gorham’s Cave."

News from: Archaeo News, Full article: Click here

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