NABN # 50

Foto do Mês:

Amblypygid (unknown species)
from Caverna Chao de Estrellas, Parque Nacional Serra
da Capivara, Piaui, Brazil. [photo: K. Dittmar]

2005 NSS Biology Awards
Prémios de Biologia da National Speleological Society

Jennifer Buhay - (Brigham Young University, Department of Integrative Biology) received the 2005 Cave Conservancy Foundation Ph.D. Fellowship in Karst Studies, for her Ph.D. work on the evolution and ecology of cave crayfish [Advisor: Keith Crandall].

David C. Culver and William B. White - received a Certificate of Merit Award for the Encyclopedia of Caves [David Culver, William White (2004): Encyclopedia of Caves, Hardcover: 1000 pp, Academic Press; (July 30, 2004), ISBN: 0121986519].

North American Biospeleology Newsletter # 50
August 2005
Published by the Biology Section of the National Speleological Society

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